Behr paint products are synonymous with style and recently the company shared its choices for the best new color trends for 2014. This year’s choices include refreshing bold colors that could easily push people out of their neutral-toned comfort zone. Behr has come up with four unique colors that have equally fascinating names, so let’s take a quick look.

Seaside Harmony

Behr Paint's 2014 Paint Trends Seaside Harmony

Behr Paint’s 2014 Paint Trends Seaside Harmony

This is deemed to be the color scheme that gives off the greatest air of tranquility and Behr says it is inspired by the colors of the coastline, which naturally include the soft shades of blue associated with the ocean sky, whites that encapsulate the color of gorgeous beach sand, and sea glass greens. This color selection is great if you are looking to give your home that ‘vacation look’ all year round. You should pair it with driftwood, sea glass, and carefully selected furnishings.

Urban Alternative

Behr Paint’s 2014 Paint Trends Urban Alternative

Behr Paint’s 2014 Paint Trends Urban Alternative

This collection of colors has been described as a natural evolution of the industrial modern décor into a pattern that feels more relaxed and modest. Behr states that this color scheme has been inspired by the return of home crafts and back-to-basics, so the colors are weathered and earthbound. If you wish to get the best out of Urban Alternative, try and pair the colors with filament light bulbs, distressed wood, and raw metal finishes.

Grand Reign

Behr Paint’s 2014 Paint Trends Grand Reign

Behr Paint’s 2014 Paint Trends Grand Reign

According to Behr, there has been a major increase in homeowner’s desire to recreate the historic designs from the late 19th and early 20th century eras, much in thanks to the influx of television shows revolving around that period. This color scheme places an emphasis on elegance, drama, and romance, which can be spread across every room in your home. You could use Grand Reign to showcase a favorite room in your humble abode to give your space an exquisite and classical feel. A feature of this pattern is the luxurious detail and ornamentation and the result is a masculine look, though you can alter it to give off a more delicate and feminine appearance. To get the most romance and mystery from this look, pair with gilded frames and layered textiles.

Natural Avocation

Behr Paint’s 2014 Paint Trends Natural Avocation

Behr Paint’s 2014 Paint Trends Natural Avocation

The last of the four Behr trends is inspired by science and nature, a mix of geological wonders, and majestic celestial events. Local and exotic flora and fauna motifs help to express this feeling and if you possess a curious mind, you will enjoy a rich and rewarding experience. This is especially the case if experimenting with colors helps your creative side to come alive. There are a number of different design elements included in this color set and for the best results, pair them with plant and bird illustrations, antique books, and weathered maps.

Behr’s Unique Colors Setting New Standards

Each of the four trends has five unique colors, so there are a total of 20 to choose from. Behr really set the standard when it comes to interior color design and you can invoke a feeling of nature, enjoy the tranquility of the sea, go back in time to a bygone era or have your head up in the clouds with this wonderful range of color trends.

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