Becoming One of the Best Painting Contractors in Phoenix

The commercial painting industry in Phoenix is fiercely competitive, and only the very best contractors will get to the top. Chris Bridge Painting (CBP) of Arizona is one of those rising companies, as its reputation for providing high-profile clients with premium-quality work ensures it is at the top of the list when prospective clients are looking for a professional painting contractor. But what makes a painting contractor like CBP stand out? Read on to find out more.


This is, of course, impossible for new companies unless one or more members of your team has vast experience in the field of paint contracting. The fact is that clients want contractors with experience and proof of a positive reputation, because painting contracts, especially those in the commercial sector, can be very lucrative, and corporations only want the best for their money.

CBP of Arizona Inc. fits the bill in every way. It is a well-established company in the Phoenix metropolitan area and has more than 35 years of experience as a painting contractor. It is known for providing a variety of painting services, ranging from general application to antiquing, staining, varnishing, decorating, and fine finishing. All of the work performed by CBP is completed to the highest professional standards, and only premium-quality materials are used.

Perhaps this is why an incredible 60 percent of the company’s business comes from referrals and repeat customers. Such a success rate is only possible due to the establishment of positive working relationships and a reputation for providing great work.


This is an extension of the above point. With experience and consistently exceeding your clients’ expectations comes the development of a positive reputation. All you need to do is go to the CBP website and look at the list of glowing testimonials from clients such as Desert Home Development Inc., McDavid Construction Inc., and many more.

Every client comment you’ll find is positively glowing with praise and highlights the expertise, attention to detail, and positive attitude of CBP employees. It is also worth pointing out that having a professionally designed website where you can display all your services, testimonials, and portfolio of finished work is another crucial element when becoming one of Arizona’s top painting contractors.


You talk the talk, but do you walk the walk? Anyone can “claim” to be one of the top painting contractors in Arizona, but where’s the proof? CBP of Arizona Inc. can simply direct prospective clients to its vast portfolio page, which has professional photographs of completed projects along with a huge list of past and present clients.

To date, CBP has worked with McDonald’s, Z Mart, Pepsi Cola, Nordstrom, and dozens of other organizations known locally, nationally, and globally. The longer your client list, the more likely it is that prospective clients will learn about your services and trust your skills.

When you consider the depth of competition, it is essential that your paint contracting company has all of the above to fall back on. CBP of Arizona Inc. certainly does, and that’s why its client list continues to grow at record speed.