Most people performing a DIY job have been perfectly happy to use ScotchBlue painter’s tape to prevent leakage, but when the slightly pricier FrogTape came along, it suddenly gained a lot of followers, despite the extra cost. Below, we compare the two most popular painter’s tape products on the market to find out which one is really worth getting.

ScotchBlue Overview

Scotch Blue Tape

This painter’s tape has been Number 1 in the United States for around 20 years because it delivers sharp lines and can be used on different surfaces, such as glass, metal, and trim. It removes cleanly for up to two weeks and will not cause surface damage even if it is exposed to direct sunlight. It is supposed to come off the roll easily and leaves no residue.

FrogTape Overview

Frog Green Tape

This is treated with PaintBlock technology, which is an ultra-absorbent polymer that reacts with latex paint and immediately gels to create a micro barrier that prevents paint bleed. As a result, you can rely on FrogTape to give you clear lines, and it can be used in temperatures ranging from 50 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

ScotchBlue vs FrogTape
A Side-by-Side Comparison





ScotchBlue clings to surfaces quite well, and perhaps just as importantly, you can pull it apart even when a sticky piece becomes attached to another sticky piece. FrogTape, on the other hand, is arguably “too” sticky, because if two pieces of the tape get stuck together, you can’t tear them apart, which could lead to a lot of waste.


Bleed Prevention

While both are supposed to prevent paint bleed effectively, tests seem to indicate FrogTape is vastly superior, with very few spots where paint leaks. In contrast, many consumers report ScotchBlue sometimes allows paint bleed to a surprising level, even when flat on a surface.



FrogTape is very easy to remove and pulls off cleanly without the need for touch-ups afterwards. On the other hand, ScotchTape wasn’t as easy to pull off a surface, plus it removed too much paint for most people’s liking. Plenty of touching up was required as a result. In some cases, consumers needed to use a knife to cut along the edge of the ScotchBlue in order to remove it.



FrogTape is certainly more expensive than ScotchBlue; at, a 1.88-inch-by-60-yard roll of FrogTape is $9.77 while the same amount of ScotchBlue will set you back $6.58. This is a substantial difference if you are planning to use a lot of painter’s tape on a project.


Customer Reviews

There seems to be little to choose between the two brands in terms of customer reviews, with both products receiving thousands of positive reviews against a few dozen negative ones. It does appear as if FrogTape is slightly higher rated however.

And the Winner Is… FrogTape!

Despite the disparity in terms of price, FrogTape has really captured the imagination of painters and appears to be the choice of professional painting companies. It prevents paint bleed better than ScotchBlue, is easier to remove, and does not peel as readily. While you may need to pay extra, the additional expenditure is well worth it for what seems to be a superior product.