Aside from experience and skill, one of the things that separates high-quality painting contractors in Arizona from the rest is the quality of paint they use. Reputable professionals don’t cut corners and absolutely refuse to use anything but premium-quality paint on every job. They know how important it is to maintain a positive reputation, and this is only achievable with the right equipment. Below, we look at the top brands the professionals use, so when you hire an Arizona painting contractor, make sure they use one of the following.



This is one of the world’s largest painting manufacturers and is said to be the largest producer of paints and coatings in the United States. It was founded in 1866 and has a reputation for developing the best paints on the market. Its Duration paint is deemed to be the best exterior paint available to buy. A regular-sized tin of Duration will cost $70, but this premium price tag is justified; testing suggests it looks amazing even after nine years of accelerated weather testing. Like all Sherwin-Williams products, it is money well spent.


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This corporate giant was formed in 1947 and was created in the garage of Otto Behr Sr., as he and his son combined to form a business that was to become one of America’s top producers of stains and varnishes. In 1986, Behr dipped its toe into the paint industry and hasn’t looked back; it is now known as one of the largest international suppliers of paints.
Professionals love using Behr products and colors, and its Premium Plus Ultra offering is one of the top exterior paints on the market. It can be found at The Home Depot for around $40, and while it does not gain quite the same level of recommendation that Duration does, it is known as a solid choice. It is a great option if you want quality but have a slightly lower budget.

Benjamin Moore

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This company was formed in 1883 and began with just one product! In the modern era, Benjamin Moore leads the way when it comes to innovations in the painting industry. Its interior paints tend to be the Number 1 choice for painting contractors in Arizona because they offer fantastic coverage, are quick to dry, have a low VOC count, and provide a high-quality finish.

Aura is one of the most popular Benjamin Moore interior paints among professionals because a single coat provides an almost perfect layer. Natura is another favorite from the company because it is available in approximately 3,000 colors and contains no VOCs whatsoever. Best of all, it performs every bit as well as paints that contain VOCs. While these products may cost a little extra, they are well worth it.

A Final Note…

While it may seem as if professionals only use expensive paint, it’s because you generally get what you pay for with big brands. Whether you are starting a commercial or residential painting project, you should know it can be a costly affair, but when good-quality paint is used, the results last for years. Don’t be tempted to go for the cheap and cheerful option; trust the top brands mentioned above. You won’t regret it.