Among the many projects we handle at CBP, painting jobs include home owners associations (HOAs). An HOA is a body that is necessary to ensure a community remains tidy and presentable; for a variety of reasons, with home value being the one of most important considerations. Often it is up to a community’s HOA to have structures and amenities painted and maintained. HOA painting typically consists of one or more of the following community features.

Gates & Entryways

Entryway to New Home Community

Metal entrance gates should be painted during dry weather, so there is a big window of opportunity in Arizona! Prior to painting, the gates must be cleaned to have all dirt and debris removed, along with rust and old paint. A combination of wire brushing and electric sanding is typically the process used to make the surface smooth enough for the new coat of paint. A rust neutralizer may also be used to prevent the spread of rust. High gloss alkyd is a popular choice for this type of project, which is often applied with a paint sprayer or roller. If the gate has wood, it needs to be sanded and filled prior to adding new stain or paint to it.

Walls & Fences

Newly Painted Plastered Wall

The paint used on this type of project often depends on the materials used to build and finish the walls. For example, bare cement block walls are more difficult to paint than ones finished with plaster or stucco and smooth plaster finished walls can be easier to paint than the porous stucco finished walls. Plastered walls can have issues, such as chipping or releasing from the brick and if a high quality plaster primer isn’t used, the paint will likely flake off after a few years. Stucco walls require considerably more paint than those with a plaster finish; however the finished product is more durable and hides imperfections much better than other surfaces.

Tennis & Basketball Courts

Basketball Court with New Paint

An HOA must also look after certain community amenities, such as tennis and basketball courts, which are fairly popular in Arizona communities. Both types of courts require a premium 100% acrylic paint, as it is designed for high traffic resistance. This paint also needs to have a high concentration of latex polymer and pigment to keep the color of each court looking vibrant for many years.

An HOA has a difficult task when it comes to the upkeep of its community, but with the help of quality painting companies, such as CBP, the job of keeping residents happy and new neighbors moving in can become just that much easier.