Commonly Painted Areas of Hospitals & Care Centers

Believe it or not, choosing the right color palette for a health care facility is crucial, as it can make patients feel better and encourage a more positive atmosphere. People rarely enter a health care facility and expect to receive good news, so using upbeat colors is a must, in addition to ensuring the area looks clean and sanitized.

Obviously, paint with a low VOC content is non-negotiable, and you’ll probably need drastically different colors from one area to the next, so tying them all together is not an easy process. Below, we look at the most important areas of hospitals and care centers when it comes to receiving a new paint job.

Waiting Rooms

Waiting Room Interior Paint Decor

A common mistake made by health care facilities is to use bright colors in patient waiting rooms. This can result in patients facing an accent wall that is too bright or bold, which can be distracting if not a little irritating. A waiting room is a place for quiet contemplation, so look for muted or neutral shades of blue or gray. The goal here is to provide a feeling of tranquility and comfort. It is important to steer clear of saturated colors, such as vibrant yellows and reds, because these are colors known to make people feel more nervous.

Children’s Activity Rooms

Childrens Waiting Room Painted

As these are rooms designed for children to have fun in, the aforementioned vibrant colors are among the first choices. Another option is to add a color to an accent wall in a bid to create a sense of energy. If you go into any children’s playroom in any building, you’ll notice that bright red and yellow are the most frequently used colors, and this should not change just because the playroom is located in a hospital.

Maternity Wing

Hospital Wing Fresh Coat Paint

As many parents are unaware of the sex of their child before birth, it is wise to choose a neutral color, such as sandy/sage green or basic grays with a hint of lavender, blue, or purple. It is also extremely important to ensure the prospective mothers are at ease while waiting for the birth of their child, so relaxing and calming neutrals are essential.

Rehabilitation Areas

Physical Rehabilitation Center Painted | Phoenix Painter

The color scheme one should choose for a rehab room depends entirely on the type of activity being performed there. For example, if someone is attempting to walk again, they should be in a room with an energetic shade as a means of encouraging them to persevere with their rehab exercises.

On the other side of the coin, if someone is trying to learn how to do something with their hand, vibrant colors may prove to be an unwelcome distraction. As a result, neutral shades should be used to help with the concentration of such patients.

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