If you own a resort or hotel, you know that competition is fierce. This is especially true if you operate in a large city such as Phoenix, Arizona. At CBP, we have seen businesses in the hospitality industry rise and fall based on the décor and first impressions made to customers.

Your guests expect something special when they stay with you, and before you wow them with your first-rate customer service, your business needs to be aesthetically pleasing to attract them in the first place. Below, we look at the areas of your resort or hotel that should be painted by a professional contractor.

Foyer or Reception

Aside from the exterior of the building, this is the place where you can really attract customers. While it may be hard to stand out in the city without looking garish, you can really turn on the style in the reception area. The color scheme chosen must reflect the mood of the hotel or resort. Calming colors, such as light blue, indicate your accommodation is for people looking to relax, whereas bold and bright colors like orange and red suggest you encourage people to party and let their hair down.

Dining Areas

Again, this is all about the mood you’re looking to set. Believe it or not, the more upscale your restaurant or dining area is, the simpler the décor should be. This is because you don’t want to detract from the high quality of the food. However, most patrons expect a restaurant to be a casual and classy experience, especially in a hotel, so bear this in mind when choosing a color scheme. Additionally, there should be continuity between the colors in the dining area and the reception. It can feel a bit strange to come from a bright red reception to a pale blue restaurant!


There is a bit of difference between bedrooms in a resort and in a hotel. Typically, resort bedrooms are sparsely furnished, as guests like to live out of their luggage. As a result, it may be sufficient to simply paint the walls and ceiling white for a neutral look. The danger with white paint is its propensity to show stains, so if you want white bedrooms, you must be thorough when cleaning or risk gaining a reputation as a grotty resort.

People checking into hotels expect their bedroom to be a classy retreat. While many guests literally only stay in their rooms when they sleep, others like to relax, so when they are surrounded by four walls, it’s best to give them nice, warm colors to make them feel welcome. Your ultimate goal is to ensure guests feel as if they are in a luxury bedroom regardless of your actual rating.

Hiring a commercial painting contractor is one of the most important investments you can make as a hospitality business. Your guests expect something spectacular, and if you don’t provide it, one of your many Phoenix rivals will. Get in touch with CBP today and get a paint job that can help you bring in the customers.