An office needs to have a look of professionalism to attract and impress clients. However, the requirements of employees must also be taken into consideration. After all, a happy workforce is a productive one. You must be aware of the importance of color on human psychology in order to pick the right paint color for the office.

Certain colors are more likely to promote emotions than others, so keep this in mind when choosing an office color scheme. Below, we look at the areas of an office building that should be painted by a professional contractor and provide advice on the best color schemes.


The office breakroom is where morale really rises and falls. One of the worst things a company can do is allow the walls of the breakroom to be painted in a dull white color. Even worse is when this is combined with fluorescent lighting. It gives off the effect of a hospital waiting room, which is a sure-fire way to suck the energy right out of your employees!

It is best to pick a warmer color, such as red, as this makes the breakroom a more pleasant place, and red is an excellent color for boosting energy. Alternatively, perhaps you want the breakroom to be a place of relaxation, in which case a color like marine blue would be a good choice.

The Cubicle

If you’ve ever read “Dilbert,” you’ll have a fair idea of what the office cubicle can do to a person’s morale. As is the case with the breakroom, you really want to avoid painting your cubicles white. In this instance, however, red is not a good substitute; while letting off some steam in the breakroom is okay, it is not acceptable in a workspace.

We recommend choosing cheerful neutrals, and other favorites include sea-foam green, grayish blue, and light tan. Light blue has the effect of making the office seem larger, while golden tones work when you’re trying to make a larger space seem more intimate. Typically, you need to focus on improving the productivity and mood of your employees, and while white is easy to maintain and decorate around, it isn’t the best option.

Conference Rooms

These are focused meeting destinations, which means functionality is key. Typically, you need to choose a paint color scheme that meets the lighting requirements of the room. In conference rooms, attendees need to be able to easily see their papers and computer screens. As employees will be distracted in different ways, it can be tough to pick the right color scheme. A professional contractor can help with this.

For example, reds may cause some employees to be creative and energetic while making others more aggressive. Cool blues and greens can inspire one employee and cause another to be too relaxed. As a rule of thumb, the larger the conference room, the more freedom you have to add vibrant colors. In smaller rooms, neutral colors with accents that coordinate with the room’s furniture are ideal.

Don’t Rush

Take your time when choosing the right color scheme for your paint job in the office, as the success of your business, morale, and productivity may well depend on it. Contact a professional to learn more…