Most people underestimate the work that goes into painting the exterior of a home. Painting the outside of a house is one of the best ways to keep it in great shape and since caulk and paint may be the only weatherproofing a home has, it is highly recommended that your home’s paint is applied by a skilled professional. If the siding of your property isn’t professionally painted with the right product and technique, damage can occur from the sun and rain during Phoenix’s notorious monsoon season.

Exterior House Painting

The exterior of each home in the Valley varies, so the paintwork needed for your property may require different techniques and methods to get the job done right. We take residential painting seriously and have a step-by-step process that begins with preparation – removing dirt, mildew, and mold via scrubbing or pressure washing if need be. Surfaces must be prepared to a sound substrate, while all water and unwanted air entry points must be caulked and sealed. Proper primers have to be used and wood is often pre-primed for a better finish. Depending on whether your home’s exterior is finished with stucco, metal siding, brick, or wood, weather and moisture conditions will affect them differently, which is why determining the right type and thickness of the paint is of the utmost importance.

Different Types of Exterior Wall Finishes

Modern Homes with Stucco Finish

The exterior wall surface will determine the right type of paint to be used.

Stucco is one of the most commonly used outdoor finishes in warm climates and it is a material that is relatively easy to paint with a sprayer, not so easy with a roller or brush. It is similar to concrete, which means it is porous and wet when first applied. Stucco is made from sand, limestone, and cement and is designed to release water vapor. After the stucco surface is cured, it must be thoroughly cleaned, primed, and then painted. Wood and brick surfaces also hold paint well and unlike stucco, are much easier to apply paint to.

House’s Trim & Windows

Red House with New White Windows

Painting window and door frames can accentuate the finished look.

Outside trim often includes window frames, rafters, gutters and drainpipes, fascia, soffits, cladding, bargeboards, and door frames. These exterior features must be prepared and treated with primer before being brushed or sprayed with new paint. If your exterior window or door frames are made from wood or fiberglass, they will hold paint relatively well, though wood frames could also be stained depending on your preferences.

Generally speaking, painting the exterior of your home should be left to professionals, because a botched job leaves your property at the mercy of the unforgiving desert elements. Please contact CBP today for a free estimate!