In the commercial painting world, there are unique challenges in each job and educational institutions are no different. Attempting to paint a school’s classrooms, gym, sports equipment, training facilities, and other facets of a school or college while minimizing disruption are difficult to be handled by maintenance staff alone. Only the most experienced paint contracting companies, such as CBP, can manage a project of this magnitude. Our experience, skilled painters, and knowledge are the reasons we are able to provide high quality painting services to universities, colleges, middle schools, high schools, elementary schools, and pre-schools at affordable rates.

Classrooms are occupied during specific times of the day, gyms and locker rooms will also be taken up by students at varying times of the year. Most educational institutions can’t wait until the year is over, nor can they allow disruptions during the school day. As a result, it is necessary to hire a painting team that works around the schedules of students, staff, and administrators. If need be, CBP can perform all the painting services an educational facility needs during seasonal breaks, holidays, weekends, and evenings.

School Structures and Facilities Commonly Requiring Paintwork

We can take on all interior and exterior painting requirements and can address the following common paint projects schools require.

    • Sports Grounds & Facilities: Goal posts of a football field are often difficult to paint without professional equipment. These undergo a lot of wear and tear during a season and regular painting is necessary to keep the metal protected from rust, sun damage, and gradual deterioration. Additionally, bleachers and stands need to be painted regularly too and we’ll be sure to add your school colors to the mix!
    • Classrooms: Often the paint scheme depends on the age group of the students and the purpose of the room. Classrooms for college-level students are typically neutral, whereas a pre-school may require more vibrant colors.
  • Gymnasiums: There are many aspects of a school’s gym that need to be addressed. Common areas include interior walls, stands, and locker rooms. Low VOC and no-VOC paint, plus antimicrobial paint is used in these areas to make it safe to breathe in for students, staff, and visitors.

We also offer professional painting services for dorm rooms, bathrooms, dining halls, playgrounds, hallways, and everything in between! Our team of experts will provide repairs, such as patching up drywall, fixing baseboards, and other damaged areas to be painted. There are many different things to consider when taking on a painting job in an educational institution, which is why you need a company like CBP to make sure it gets done right the first time!