A new paint job doesn’t just improve the value and appeal of a home. This fairly simple remodeling task can improve your quality of life with reasonably little effort. Here are a few ways even a wall makeover can alter your life for the positive.

Mood Enhancement

Painting your home new colors, or even changing the color of a room or a single wall, can dramatically improve your life. Researchers have proven that colors affect a person’s mood in both negative and positive ways.

A splash of red on an accent wall, for instance, can be enough to lift your mood each time you pass. Light blue hues contain the power to instantly relax and de-stress even the most wound-up, anxious person. Orange can act as an energy booster and motivator, while light shades can soothe and balance emotions, allowing a person to feel more grounded.

Girl Painting Room Green

Yellows promote good emotional health with their life-giving power, but like most things, too much of something good can be bad. Strong, bright shades of yellow, particularly in large amounts, can create anxiety in those who are already susceptible. Pale and medium shades of yellow and light to medium blues are thought to be good for places in the home where people will gather in groups, as these colors promote calmness and harmony. Blue is generally cautioned for the main color in a dining area, as it is thought of as an appetite suppressant and motivates more introspection than socialization.

Green is known as the “happy medium” color, providing neutrality and balance to any space. Lavender can also provide soothing relaxation but with an elevated elegance green simply cannot offer.

As previously stated, too much of anything can bring negative outcomes. Therefore, with any color choice, avoid overdoing it. Do not paint any room a single, vibrant, bold color. No matter what color you choose, too much brightness is almost always too much stimulation for anyone, particularly in bedrooms.

Production Booster

When it comes to utilizing color as a booster for productivity, there are a number of aspects to consider. First of all, it isn’t the color that changes the way a person feels, it is the intensity of the color, whether the shade is bright and stimulating (high saturation) or subtle and soothing (low saturation). Next comes which color affects which part of the body or psyche.

Choosing Paint Swatches on iPad

Red is the color that influences the body. It stimulates physical strength and power. Employers in warehouses or other physically demanding jobs might consider painting a wall or two with a bright, intense shade of red to give workers a little more pep in their step.

The mind is most affected by the color blue. Even a quick bit of investigative work on your favorite search engine will evidence blue’s notoriety as the most productive color. This doesn’t mean go and paint every office in the whole office building with nothing but blues. Remember to mix in other colors to boost other parts of your being necessary to be productive.

Your emotions and confidence are impacted by shades and saturations of yellow. If you are someone who regularly takes risks or needs your ego boosted to inspire the perfect, most creative piece, yellow is the color for you.

If you are the type of person who craves balance between your mind, body and emotions, green is absolutely the perfect color. You can flip through shade after shade of green until you find the right one, then allow its motivational power to help you become the most productive person in the office.

The best option for anyone, and the most likely way to tap into your most productive energy, is to combine colors. If you are a person who is most affected by blue, make sure to utilize this color primarily in your office. Perhaps you can paint one wall a shade of yellow if you are someone who needs a creative boost and confidence to ensure your work is as productive as possible.

Whether you’re trying to relax within a newly remodeled nook in your home or you want to increase your productivity to its maximum potential in your workplace, painting the walls the right shades of the correct colors can make those things happen. So decide what you want to feel or accomplish from which area, then choose whether you want to boost your mood or subdue it. After you decide, dive into the color swatches head first.