Regardless of whether you are a boutique, restaurant or grocery store, a visually appealing storefront is essential to attracting new customers. Once they are wowed by your exterior design mastery, impress them further with splendid interior design, and they will become customers for life (as long as your products and/or services are up to scratch!). Below, we look at a few areas where you can add a new look to improve the overall image of your business.


Some businesses make the mistake of allowing sentimentality to creep in, which means aging signage remains on display. While it may be appealing to long-time customers, it makes your establishment look dated and shabby. If you are guilty of not updating your signage, bring in a fresh new look as soon as possible.

Work with a design team to come up with a vibrant and compelling sign that symbolizes your business; a logo is a great way to enhance brand identity. You may also find that signage laws have changed, so it might be possible to add a larger sign than what was originally allowed. You can hire a professional painter to create a colorful sign that ensures your business is noticed.

Exterior and Interior Painting

Your exterior should ideally be painted with bright and light colors that attract attention and mark your business as energetic and fun. While the color scheme depends on your business and the kind of clientele you wish to attract, it is probably best to avoid very dark colors on the inside and outside of your business unless your target audience is Goths! A dark interior can make a business feel dank and lifeless and creates an atmosphere that no one wants to stay in.


If your business has green space near its entrance, you need to landscape. This doesn’t just mean cutting the grass! Add some colorful flowers, rustic trellises, small birdbaths or any other miniature decorations you can think of. Splash a coat of paint on each of these items to make them look even more attractive.

Decorative Fixtures

Upmarket businesses are adding decorations such as lighting fixtures, faux archways and cast iron designs outside their front door as a means of intriguing passers-by. Instead of being another boring, plain old storefront, it makes the store look distinctive. You can add a coat of paint to these fixtures to give them your own personal touch.

Repave Parking Spaces/Driveways

Nothing says ‘rundown’ more than cracked and broken asphalt driveways and parking spaces around your business. There are a number of paving companies that can fill in potholes, resurface driveways and repair cracks to make the surrounding area look neat. It is a relatively inexpensive and easy way to make your business look brand new.

Don’t allow the passage of time to make your business look dated and behind the times. If you don’t care enough to maintain your storefront, what message are you sending customers in regard to how much they should care about your business? When all else fails, add a splash of paint to reinvigorate your store.