In the majority of cases, homeowners associations (HOAs) are relatively easy to work with, but occasionally you will come across HOAs that are strict when it comes to their house painting approval process, and this can lead to extra time, effort, and frustration.

The last thing you want to do is forego written approval for a new paint job on your house and risk being forced to change the color entirely — at your own expense.

Getting HOA Approval

Start by getting in touch with the property management company that deals with maintenance in your HOA community. Explain your HOA painting project and request information regarding the correct protocol for getting a project approved. Also be sure to ask how long the process takes.

The company should also point you in the direction of your HOA’s website or send you the correct forms. In many cases, you will need to provide color samples on paper along with the names of the colors. It is important to note that HOAs have their own sets of rules and regulations regarding paint colors, so it is impossible to give specific advice on that score.

It could take several weeks for your color selection to be approved, depending on how organized the property management company is. You typically have a better chance of approval if your selected colors match:

  • The colors you currently have.
  • The colors of your neighbors’ homes.
  • A palette of HOA-approved colors.
  • The HOA’s plans for your neighborhood.

We should point out that some HOAs will actually reject your application if the selected colors are too close to that of a neighbor; it really depends on what the HOA wants the neighborhood to look like. Some HOAs have little or no guidance, which means your main concern is whether or not your neighbor thinks your color scheme is okay.

Choosing the Right Colors

At CBP, we like to find out the requirements of our customer’s HOA and can then provide color consultations. We generally look at the color of your roof and accents near the property as well as take into account any preferences you may have. The next step is to analyze several manufacturer color palettes along with samples from their color fan decks in order to find the right color.

This process may involve taking you on a tour of homes in the neighborhood or looking at a portfolio of homes with you to give you a feel of what you might be looking for. After the narrowing down process has been completed, we put paint samples on your property to see if you like them. Once you’re happy with the color selection, we can submit it to your HOA for approval.

Though it can be a pain, the average paint job lasts for many years, so once the job is finished, you can relax in the knowledge that there will be no need to repaint for a long time!