If you need a painting company in Phoenix, you have to consider a number of factors, and price should never be your Number 1 priority. Clearly it is best to pay less, but the bottom line is that you want a professional job that is complete and enhances the look and possibly even the value of your property. As it is such an important decision, you need to ask prospective contractors a lot of questions, and we point you in the right direction below.

1. How Much Experience Do You Have?

This should also include a follow-up about the age of the company. You need to ensure the painting company has the right kind of experience. For example, don’t hire a company that specializes in exterior painting when you want a new look on the interior of your home. You should also only go for a company that has been in business for at least five years. That way, you don’t have to worry about a dodgy contractor taking your money and leaving town overnight!

2. Do You Use Sub-Contractors?

You don’t really want a company using sub-contractors, since you are relying on the skills and experience of its staff and not some painters they found elsewhere. If you get a very low estimate from a company, it is likely that they use sub-contractors. Then there is the small matter of these painters being licensed, bonded and insured.

3. Are You Insured and Do You Have a Warranty?

Reputable companies provide some form of warranty on their work without exception, and insurance is mandatory in order to cover you in the event of a personal injury suffered by workers on your property. This insurance should also cover damage to your property and injuries or damage sustained by other people or their property during the job.

4. Do You Have Any Awards or Accolades?

While there are plenty of great painting contractors without awards or notable accolades, most of the top dogs in the industry have received recognition from websites or local organizations.

5. Can You Provide References & Portfolio?

You should not trust a painting company with your home unless it has references to back up its work. All reputable and experienced companies can provide references and will probably have a website with testimonials. If a contractor can show you a portfolio of past work, all the better, as this allows you to see the kind of quality you can expect. Make sure company staff are in the pictures to ensure the company is not tricking you with “stock” photography.

6. What Brand of Products Do You Use?

Since you are paying good money for the contractor’s services, the least he or she can do is use premium quality paints, such as Sherwin-Williams and MAB. Low-quality paints dull over time and need constant retouching. It is important to also ask the company how long the paint will last.

7. How Much Prep Time Do You Take?

Poorly planned and rushed paint jobs are the bane of the industry. One of the worst offenses is to take insufficient time for wall preparation. Failure to do this can lead to premature cracking and peeling.

Now that you are armed with a list of pertinent questions, we hope you are more confident when it comes to choosing a painting company in Phoenix. Always take your time when making a choice, and ask for a minimum of three quotes, though more is better.