Interior Painting Trends for 2019

This year, interior design trends suggest that luxury will be reinvented and there will be a fusion of retro, classic, and contemporary design ideas. Simply put, the modern homeowner wants to transform the interior of their home into a palace; your home should serve as a retreat after a long day at work, and choosing the right color and type of paint is crucial to achieving this effect. Below, we look at the interior painting trends for 2017 that will have a significant impact on your overall interior design plans.

  • Going retro: In the opinion of most designers, retro was never really “out,” but expect it to be back with a vengeance in 2017. So-called vintage colors, such as poodle pink, pale gold, and burnt orange will be especially popular in the bedroom.
  • Pastels: Expect pastel palettes to also be chic in 2017, with shades of flamingo pinks, pale greens, and purple likely to be used most often. The purpose of pastels is to create a soft and romantic mood, which is why you should consider decorating your living room in this color. If you really want to make an impact, however, consider pairing pastel colors with shocking neon colors.
  • Two blue: By this we mean two shades of blue will be a major trend this year, specifically Seaport and Mediterranean Blue, as the combination of these great blue shades yields a sense of peace and calm. These shades are also extremely versatile, so they are the ideal fit for any room in the house.
  • 60s colors: Perhaps it is the popularity of the Mad Men series finally taking hold, but 1960s colors will also be “in” this year. Exciting shades of blue and orange are set to be given a new lease on life and can really give your living room a relaxing feel.
  • Neutral gray: Gray is currently seen as the hottest neutral color by interior designers, as it creates the ideal backdrop. For example, you can combine a pale grayish-white ceiling, soft gray walls, and dark charcoal doors for a stunning finish.
  • Renaissance: If you have ever seen paintings from the Renaissance era, you’ll notice colors such as plums, greens, and beiges are prominent, and these colors are set to make a return as another classy interior painting trend in 2017.
  • Olive green: This could be considered an old-fashioned color, but olive green is the color of choice for the modern kitchen. Try adding olive cabinets to your kitchen, and you’ll find the neutral, warm, and organic shade works with almost any other color.
  • Bold colors: Finally, a combination of “bold” colors, such as purples and pinks with turquoise and aqua, will be another big hit in homes this year. It is a great way to infuse life into a room and keep things fresh.

Of course, you don’t always have to follow trends, but if you give it a chance and consult a professional Arizona house painter like CBP of Arizona for your specific situation, chances are that one or more of the above color schemes will suit at least one room in your home and give it the feel of your very own sanctuary.