Commonly Painted Areas of Churches & Places of Worship

Typically, it is best to stick to the colors found in stained-glass patterns when looking to paint the interior of a church. These colors are representative of Christian doctrines and liturgical traditions, which means they are relatively easy to find. However, the majority of churches cannot afford to redecorate too often, so it is crucial to get it right the first time.

Paint color is an instant sign of how up-to-date your décor is; for example, a sanctuary with oranges and browns probably hasn’t seen an upgrade since the 1970s. As a rule of thumb, churches should strive for neutral colors to avoid looking dated. Below, we analyze the most important parts of the church to illustrate the kind of paint job they need.


Interior of Church Recently Painted

You should avoid using very strong colors in the church sanctuary, as they would take on too much importance; instead, a more subtle look is appropriate. Remember, the presentation of worship is a big part of the church service, so you don’t want features that worship leaders can’t be seen against. When it comes to choosing the accent color, try stained-glass windows, as they carry bold color touches that are used in other parts of the church.

It may also be a good idea to try and bring a bit of nature into your sanctuary windows, so shades of green are ideal, as they complement grass. If your sanctuary is a multipurpose room that accommodates different forms of multimedia, choose a color that doesn’t make the sanctuary seem too dark when you dim the lights.

Pastor’s Office

Pastor's Office New Paint Work

In order to provide the congregation with the right impression of its leader, the pastor’s office should be understated as opposed to a more opulent look. Remember, an important part of the role of the pastor and other church leaders is to be good stewards of donations provided to the church, and they are more likely to receive generous contributions if their offices have a sober look.

If the office is lavishly decorated, the congregation may believe its donations are being wasted and are less likely to offer more money. The office is also an area for counseling, so using muted hues of grays or blues will calm visitors down. If the pastor’s office is small, lighter colors can make it appear larger.

Parlor and Narthex

Church Parlor with Deep Red Paint

These are areas designed for socializing, which means brighter colors should be used. Vibrant reds and yellows can be utilized for this purpose if you wish. You are also permitted to use artwork as stylish accent pieces.


Modern Church Kitchen Decor

As is the case with all kitchens, the church’s kitchen should look clean and bright, so the safe bet is to stick with white, tan, or off-white color palettes. If you wish to add some accent color, add tile flooring or decorative wallpaper borders.

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