The colors you choose to accentuate the walls, ceilings, flooring and other features of a room can emotionally influence people as they occupy that room. Knowing what colors will bring about certain emotion or behavior can help you tailor your decor to suit you. Continue reading for information on how to accomplish this.

The Magic of a Makeover With Paint

For many people in Phoenix, home décor is a matter of aesthetics only, but according to those who believe in color psychology, the type of colors you use can have a major impact on the moods of you and your loved ones. Experts in the field of color psychology say paint color can be used as a tool leveraged to effect behavior and emotions. For best results, consider each room’s primary function and pick a color based on what the main activities in the room will be.

Cool Colors


The Phoenix climate is known for being extremely warm and humid during much of the year, so your first consideration should be “cooling” colors. Believe it or not, colors such as blue, lavender, and green are said to have a calming effect, which is ideal for Phoenix residents. Color psychologists recommend using cool colors in the bedroom, as it is the place where you go to relax and reconnect with your partner. It is also helpful to have a cooler color in your bedroom to help you sleep during those hot and humid Phoenix nights.



White has always been the color used in bathrooms, as it is associated with cleanliness and purity. In the modern era, however, the bathroom is now seen as a private area of rejuvenation and retreat. It is the place where you soak in the bath after a hard day at work or perform your daily cleansing ritual.

Therefore, it is now common to use colors like blue, green, and turquoise in the bathroom, as they add a sense of calmness to the idea of cleanliness. These are known as “spa” colors, though you should only use them if they flatter you. The golden rule is that if you wouldn’t wear a certain color, don’t use it to decorate your bathroom!

Warm Colors


The last thing most Phoenix residents want is more warmth, but warm tones such as yellows, reds, and oranges can work to stimulate conversation and give your abode a more homey feel. Earth tones, such as brown and beige, are excellent in the foyer and living room because they are known to stimulate conversation. If you regularly entertain guests, these colors are critical, because they help you feel a connection with other people.

Childhood Colors


According to color consultants, those who have great memories of the kitchen when they grew up should attempt to recreate the color scheme as an adult. For example, if you grew up in a white and blue kitchen, a similar color scheme could work wonders to help you create a familial atmosphere. Otherwise, red and yellow work well in the kitchen, though those looking to lose weight should avoid red in the kitchen, as it may cause you to subconsciously eat more.

What to do Before Your Next Project?

Before your next home décor project, spend extra time thinking about the right color scheme. Look for muted and soft colors in areas of relaxation and bright colors for high-traffic rooms.