What’s Covered with My Commercial Painter’s Warranty?

One of the most important reassurances from a customer’s perspective is the type of warranty received when a commercial painting contractor offers a quote. You need to know that the money you’re spending on the contract is not only providing you with a great finished product, it is also going to stand the test of time.

Be wary of painting contractors who promise the world and deliver far less. If the warranty seems too good to be true, there is every chance you’re being taken for a ride.

What Should a Warranty Contain?

Assuming the contractor is using paint from a reputable company, there will be an extended warranty on the paint. However, this only guarantees the paint quality is of a high standard and offers no protection when it comes to the application of the paint. Additionally, the paint supplier only guarantees the paint so long as certain paint application guidelines are followed. So if there is a problem with the paint, the supplier covers the cost of the paint but does not cover the cost of hiring a painting contractor to repair the surface.

There is a major difference between a product warranty and a service warranty. Reputable painting contractors such as CBP of Arizona make it perfectly clear what the difference is, but not all contractors follow these guidelines. If a contractor offers a five-year warranty when they carry out work on your premises, does this mean they will fix any issues that arise after four years for free?

What We Offer

At CBP of Arizona, we keep things relatively simple when it comes to our warranty. We are a premium commercial painting contractor and have built a strong reputation in Phoenix not only for our quality work but also the long-lasting nature of the results. We proudly stand behind our work with a written warranty on all materials and labor. As a result, we offer a 10-year warranty on exterior brick and concrete surfaces, and all interior painting work carries a five-year warranty.

As we mentioned above, it is important to carefully read the warranty, because some companies only cover materials. In the example of a paint failure claim, the cost of the paint would be refunded by the manufacturer, but there would be no compensation forthcoming for repairs.

In large commercial contracts, a business may receive a fraction of what it paid for the contractor. CBP’s written warranty on labor and materials means we not only provide the right product to repair failed paint, we also carry out the repairs for free! This gives you a peace of mind that is simply not offered by other painting contractors.

Why Hire CBP for Your Commercial Paint Project?

All CBP work is carried out by vastly experienced professionals, and we are noted for our attention to detail and high-quality workmanship. This can be seen in the hundreds of satisfied clients we have in the Phoenix metro area. Click here to get a free project estimate today!