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CBP of Arizona Painter's Glossary
Welcome to CBP of Arizona’s painting glossary, where we’ve listed the most common painting terminology one will encounter. If you cannot find the term you’re looking for or would like to learn more, please contact us today!


  • Gloss
    Gloss gloss \gläs\ noun Paints come in a variety of finish gloss levels, which corres [...]
  • Abrasive
    Abrasive a•bra•sive \-br-siv\ adjective A tool used to wear away a surface by ru [...]
  • Adhesion
    Adhesion ad•he•sion \ad-h-zhn\ noun This refers to the tendency of dissimilar su [...]
  • Alkyd
    Alkyd al•kyd \al-kd\ noun Refers to synthetic resin that is modified with oil. This r [...]
  • Benzene
    Benzene ben•zene \ben-zn, ben-\ noun This is used as a solvent and is extremely power [...]
  • Blistering
    Blistering blis•ter•ing \blis-tr-ing\ noun A problem in painting when bubbles fo [...]
  • Colorant
    Colorant col•or•ant \k-l-rnt\ noun Concentrated color that can be added to paint [...]
  • Copper Staining
    Copper Staining cop•per stain•ing \kä-pr stn-ing\ noun A problem often caus [...]
  • Creosote
    Creosote cre•o•sote \kr--st\ noun This is a liquid coating that is made from coa [...]
  • Defoamer
    Defoamer de•foam•er \d-fm-mr\ noun This is a substance used in the paint manufac [...]
  • Dry Spray
    Dry Spray dry spray \dr spr\ noun This is when a powdery surface is formed while spraying. [...]
  • Emulsion Paint
    Emulsion Paint e•mul•sion paint \i-ml-shn pnt\ noun This is paint in which parti [...]
  • Enamel Paint
    Enamel Paint e•nam•el paint \i-na-ml pnt\ noun A form of paint that generally dr [...]
  • Erosion
    Erosion e•ro•sion \i-r-zhn\ noun When paint film wears away and leaves a surface [...]
  • Filler
    Filler fill•er \fi-lr\ noun When the pores of wood are filled before the primer or fi [...]
  • Finish Coat
    Finish Coat fin•ish coat \fi-nish kt\ noun The final coat of paint or other finish on [...]
  • Glaze
    Glaze glaze \glz\ noun This is an umbrella term for several different kinds of finishing m [...]
  • Hardness
    Hardness hard•ness \härd-ns\ noun A paint film’s ability to resist scratch [...]
  • Intermediate Coat
    Intermediate Coat in•ter•me•di•ate coat \in-tr-m-d-t kt\ noun This is [...]
  • Knotting
    Knotting knot•ting \nä-t \ noun A shellac-based solution that is used to treat k [...]
  • Lacquer
    Lacquer lac•quer \la-kr\ noun A wood finish that can be painted or colored and dries [...]
  • Latex Paint
    Latex Paint la•tex paint \l-teks pnt\ noun A type of paint made from material that or [...]
  • Masking Tape
    Masking Tape mask•ing tape \mask- tp\ noun A form of pressure-sensitive tape that is [...]
  • Mottling
    Mottling mot•tling \mä-tl- \ noun Refers to an uneven look in metallic finishes. [...]
  • Oil Stains
    Oil Stains oil stains \oi(-)l stnz\ noun There are non-penetrating and penetrating oil sta [...]
  • Opacity
    Opacity o•pac•i•ty \-pa-s-t\ noun A paint’s ability to hide the previ [...]
  • Paint Remover
    Paint Remover paint re•mov•er \pnt ri-müv-r\ noun A compound that makes it [...]
  • Primer
    Primer prim•er \pr-mr\ noun A coat of paint applied directly to the bare substrate. I [...]
  • Putty
    Putty put•ty \p-t\ noun A mixture of oil and pigment that combines to create a doughy [...]
  • Resin
    Resin res•in \re-zn\ noun A synthetic or natural material that is the main ingredient [...]
  • Roller
    Roller roll•er \r-lr\ noun A tool used for the application of paint. It consists of a [...]
  • Sealer
    Sealer seal•er \s-lr\ noun This is a thin liquid applied to a surface and is used to [...]
  • Solvent
    Solvent sol•vent \säl-vnt\ noun A substance that dissolves a solute (a liquid, g [...]
  • Streaking
    Streaking streak•ing \str-k \ noun When there is an irregular occurrence of streaks o [...]
  • Substrate
    Substrate sub•strate \sb-strt\ noun This relates to the surface to be painted. The te [...]
  • Thinners
    Thinners thin•ners \thi-nrz\ noun These are solvents used to thin oil-based paints or [...]
  • Turpentine
    Turpentine tur•pen•tine \tr-pn-tn\ noun This is another colorless liquid used to [...]
  • Varnish
    Varnish var•nish \vär-nish\ noun Transparent liquid; when it is exposed to air, [...]
  • Volatile Organic Compound
    Volatile Organic Compound vol•a•tile or•gan•ic com•pound \vä [...]
  • Weathering
    Weathering weath•er•ing \we-thr- \ noun How the weather affects paint films. The [...]
  • Wet Edge
    Wet Edge wet edge \wet ej\ noun Maintaining a wet edge means painting into what has alread [...]

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