PPG Industries Inc. is a well-known architectural coatings company that has recently announced that they will be launching a reformulated version of their Manor Hall interior paint collection. The Manor Hall range contains a resin and proprietary formulation that is designed to resist household stains, making it a top choice for homeowners and painting contractors alike.

This updated paint product is 100 percent acrylic latex and it provides excellent coverage and adhesion. The result is a paint that provides a coating resistant to mildew and it can be used in high traffic areas with high humidity, due to its durability. Once Manor Hall paint is applied to a surface, the result is a smooth film for a stunning finish, while the product also has excellent flow and leveling. This paint is best used on a wide variety of surfaces, including plaster, wood substrates, ferrous metal, and concrete or masonry work.


According to the PPG Residential Repaint and Brand Manager, Tracy Pease, the newly formulated version of the company’s famous Manor Hall paint improves upon a product that is already highly regarded and trusted by customers. Pease said that the new product has a number of extra features and benefits and the result is that the new release simply improves upon the highly regarded Manor Hall reputation. Furthermore the paint provides an outstanding finished product that ensures excellent performance at an affordable price for consumers.

How Manor Hall Benefits Customers

  • • Not only is it a paint and primer, it also repels stains.
  • • Because the resin/formulation combination is resistant to household stains, it is not usually necessary to add a primer.
  • • You can use Manor Hall in all regulated areas.
  • • There is less than 50 grams of volatile organic compound (VOC) per liter.
  • • You can wipe or brush surfaces without impacting the sheen of film.
  • • As well as providing a smooth film, it also gives better coverage.
  • • It is extremely durable and repeated cleaning is possible without damaging the finish.
  • • It comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

Woman Painting Room

You can purchase Manor Hall interior paints in a number of different forms, including eggshell, flat enamel, and semi-gloss sheens. Plus you can buy it from any PPG Pittsburgh Paints brand retail location. PPG has developed a ‘Voice of Color’ program, which you can use in conjunction with Manor Hall for the best results; even with the most demanding of design challenges.

About PPG Industries

PPG Architectural Coatings is recognized as one of the leaders in the paint industry and is a respected brand. The company is known for providing interior paints, exterior paints, and wood stains; along with adhesives and caulks that are used by DIY enthusiasts, contractors, and design professionals. PPG Industries is deemed to be one of the leading coatings and specialty products companies in the world. PPG was founded in 1883 and has grown to the point where its sales figures exceeded $15 billion in 2012. The company even has the honor of being listed on Wall Street’s New York Stock Exchange (PPG).