Premium Paint

What Makes Paint ‘Premium’?Premium paint can

You may have watched ads on TV or online that discuss the numerous benefits of “premium” paint. These are high-end products that combine primer and paint in a single tin. The marketing leads you to believe that these premium paints are worth the extra 20% or more you pay for them. Is this really the case? Below, we look at the features that make a paint ‘premium’ and how they stand apart from regular paint.

Moisture Resistance

Premium paints are developed with the latest technologies and designed to both make your life easier and reduce the difficulty and stress associated with a painting job. This technology varies depending on the brand, but an example would be an innovation that helps paint resist moisture in half the time. For example, if a traditional paint takes four hours to become resistant to wet conditions, premium paint can stand up to wet conditions in just two hours. As a result, you can paint on damp days without worrying about wet weather ruining your project.

Climate Resilience

The trouble with many regular paints is an inability to cope with climate extremes. There are premium paints on the market that allow you to work in temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit, so even when it is near freezing, you can rely on this paint to produce a brilliant finish. This resilience can also be seen in the longevity of premium paints.

It is not uncommon for a top-of-the-line brand to last twice as long as a traditional paint brand, so once you apply, retouching could be years away! As an added bonus, premium paints give you a smoother finish as they flow and level. This means premium paint should be utilized in jobs like the painting of exterior architectural details.

Environmentally Friendly

Paint contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are solvents released into the air when the paint dries. Consistent exposure to VOCs can lead to symptoms such as dizziness and headaches. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency believes some VOCs are carcinogens, so long-term exposure could increase your risk of cancer. Therefore the federal government has a 250-gram-per-liter (g/l) limit on VOCs in flat finishes and 380 g/l limit for other finishes.

Yet there are different limits set across the nation, including a 50 g/l limit imposed by the California South Coast Air Quality Management District. Few traditional paints are able to comply with the strictest limits, whereas virtually all premium paints release 50 g/l of VOCs or less, with an increasing number of zero-VOC products. These paints are made with a color additive that releases no VOCs, and while you can expect to pay more, you will be doing your bit for “green” living.Premium paint swatches

Premium paints are not just products that combine paint and a primer in a single can. By using these paints, you will have a better end result, be able to paint in cooler temperatures, have peace of mind because moisture will not ruin your project, and also be contributing to a greener environment. All of these are great reasons to choose premium paint, because in the end, you really do get what you pay for.