Why Your Business Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint

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The saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” applies to more than the people who work for you; it applies to the business itself. New clients, and new potential clients, form immediate judgments and opinions about your business based on the appearance of your building and offices. Your workers, too, appreciate working in an aesthetically pleasing environment. In addition, you can absolutely use color psychology to influence the mood and energy of the people in a room.

Win New Clients by Giving Your Business a Makeover

Time does a number on any paint job. Nicks, scratches, and scuffmarks are inevitable, especially if your business sees a lot of clients and visitors. Add in employees and delivery dollies; throw in wind, rain, snow; and your paintjob eventually shows its age. Current clients, prospective clients, and other visitors naturally favor a business that looks clean, appealing, and visually attractive. Business owners know this; it’s why you see leather upholstered chairs and lush carpeting in an attorney’s office, instead of cheap folding chairs on a linoleum floor. The cost of quality décor is repaid multiple times by the clients it attracts.

The Perimeter Walls

Your visitors’ first experience of your organization is its exterior walls. An attractive, professional paintjob works like an advertisement and may even drive new traffic to your doors. If you own the building but not the businesses within, an investment in painting still returns dividends. You earn higher sales value and tenants willingly pay higher rents for attractive facilities.

Pony Walls

Typically found in the reception area and on landings, pony walls add a distinctive look to your organization and often become the focal point of the room. Make sure that focus delivers the right message by maintaining the paint on your office’s pony walls.

Boost Employee Morale with an Attractive Working Environment

Pastor's Office New Paint WorkThe science is in, and color most definitely affects mood, morale, and productivity. Called “color psychology,” it explains the different ways our minds react to the colors around us. Take advantage of this knowledge by choosing color schemes and accents that inspire the behaviors and attitudes you want from your employees as well as your clients. The University of Texas released a study on worker productivity as it relates to color. The findings revealed that bland colors, such as white, beige, and gray, create feelings of sadness and depression, especially among female employees. Men, on the other hand, felt similar emotions when surrounded by purple and orange workspaces. To improve efficiency and focus, and impart a sense of wellbeing, choose low-wavelength colors such as green and blue. In fact, blue has such a calming effect on people that Entrepreneur recommends painting your entire office blue, using other colors for accent walls. If you want to energize your team and inspire its creativity, choose a yellow shade. This is especially true in departments with a creative focus, such as your graphic design team. Finally, use red to inspire passion or to create a focal point. The high energy of red, though, demands you use it sparingly, such as an accent color. Work with a professional commercial painter to explore your options and create an environment that attracts both top clients and top employees. Make sure your business always makes a great first impression.

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