Have you ever wondered who the United States’ biggest players are in the paint and coating industry? If so, read on, because we are about to reveal the country’s top five companies in this industry. You may be surprised to learn that an American company knocked the former leader, Amsterdam-based AksoNobel, out of the top spot. Who is it? Keep reading!

#5 Valspar Corp.

This Minneapolis-based organization is ranked #7 in the world, which is down two spots compared to previous years. In June of 2017, Valspar agreed to Sherwin-Williams cash offer of $113 per share. All in all, Valspar’s 2017 paints and coatings sales came in at $4 billion in sales. Although still strong enough to make the top 5 list, these sales are down around 4.3 percent.


#4 Axalta Coating Systems

Headquartered in Delaware, this coating manufacturer is ranked #6 worldwide, with $4.1 billion in sales in 2017. Axalta is a leading supplier for transportation and performance coatings. In May of 2017, Axalta signed an agreement to acquire the UK-based Spencer Coatings Group, which manufactures industrial coatings for heavy equipment.


#3 RPM International, Inc.

Moving up two spots is Ohio-based RPM Internationalo. The company posted $4.81 billion in sales last year. Their coatings cross three segments: roofing, flooring, and construction. RPM designs its products for everyone from hobbyists to industrial firms. Their recent transactions include the Australian Duram Industriesand the Canadian manufacturer Specialty Polymer Coatings.


#2 Sherwin-Williams

This company ranks third worldwide, with $8.90 billion in sales last year, an increase over the previous year of $1.05 billion. The former figure does not include the sale of painting tools and equipment in the company’s Paint Store Group. The company is responsible for several major brands including SuperPaint, ProMar, and MAD. Its Global Finishes brand sells Duraseal, Ronseal, and Minwax.


#1 PPG Industries

The Pittsburgh-based global giant holds the top spot both worldwide and in the United States, with last year’s sales totaling $14.3 billion. The company has a trio of coating business segments: architectural, industrial, and performance. In April 2017, PPG completed its purchase of the Asian joint venture of IVC (Malaysia), Sdn Bhd, and IVC-OPS (Singapore).