At CBP, we are honored to be chosen for contracts involving townhouse and condominium communities, which often entails painting amenities, such as gyms, community centers, swimming pool areas, and let’s not forget the homes themselves. As with all painting projects, there are some specific areas to be taken into consideration when painting a townhouse or condo complex.

Community Amenities Commonly Needing Paintwork

    • Gym / Fitness Center: For most residents, the gym is a very important community amenity and many rely on it to remain fit and healthy without having to pay hefty membership fees at a corporate gym. To avoid disrupting residents, you need a company that provides painting to meet your schedule and uses appropriate products, such as anti-slip epoxy coating to prevent slipping on wet surfaces. You ideally want fast drying paint too, so the gym is ready for patrons to use as quickly as possible.
    • Swimming Pools: Community swimming pools are great fun for all, but it is necessary to use non-slip coatings and other paints for surfaces around the pool. Our team of experts can tell if a chlorinated rubber swimming pool paint or an acrylic water based paint is necessary for the job. Epoxy pool paint is the most durable and long lasting paint and should last for seven to 10 years. Yet they can be difficult to apply in some cases and may emit fumes. While acrylic water based paints last only two to three years, they are easy to apply and ideal for high-traffic community pools.
  • Community Center: This kind of structure typically needs exterior and interior paint that provides a relaxing atmosphere. Often work for this type of job requires surface preparation, drywall patching, wall covering removal, low VOC paint, and light carpentry work.

Community amenities are places where people go to enjoy themselves and should be places where you can relax and not have to worry about the physical condition of the amenities. CBP has experience in creating the perfect atmosphere for any community, please contact us today to request a free estimate.